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***order buttons have been removed from website to prepare for UPDATE of new pieces on Wednesday October 23***

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Studio Website Shopping Update...Wednesday October 23
November 8-10...Junk Jubilee, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines
November 9...St. Mark's Arts and Crafts Fair, Lincoln 84th and Pioneers Blvd
Giveaway to promote Studio Trunk Show and Essential Oils Collection...ENDED...Winner announced on Facebook.

Update for Sarah's LIFE and "what's going on with the studio"

(click on above link to read about how the Long family adventures impact the studio this year)

After trial and error with INSTAGRAMSHOPPING...posting on the WEBSITE somehow got easier...I have absolutely no idea what changed! So my next website update will follow my Studio Trunk Show October 18-19. Items you'll have seen posted as preview teasers for the Trunk Show will find their way onto the website on a "first come" basis, with an opening date alert on both Facebook and Instagram. 

 Just added a jewelry "public safety announcement" onto youtube (just for us, click on the blue wording...lol) 

Hello studio friends...a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your sweet faces and encouragement keep me in the studio.  

2019 Studio Trunk Shows will include WINTER, SPRING, (SUMMER?), EARLY FALL and CHRISTMAS. Details for these trunk shows come out via email. Dates and times will be posted on Facebook and the website, EXCLUDING ADDRESS, due to private location. If you are not yet on the email list, you will need to request an email invitation so that you can be part of the fun.